Golden rules

10 golden rules when treating baby's nappy rash

Img_10 golden rules when treating baby's nappy rash

To protect baby's skin, certain steps are essential

Rule 1

Gentle skin cleansing

Select skin cleansing and care products adapted to baby's fragile skin: hypoallergenic formulas, guaranteed tolerance on babies.

Rule 2

The art of drying

Delicately wash the skin and dry it without rubbing, dabbing it with a clean towel.

Rule 3

Beware of dirty nappies

Frequently change nappies to avoid maceration that could occur when in contact with stools and urine.

Rule 4

A dry bottom

Choose absorbent nappies that insulate the skin as much as possible against humidity.

Rule 5

Stop humidity

Avoid excessively tight nappies, synthetic pants that prevent good evacuation of humidity.

Rule 6

Indispensable tenderness

After each change, apply repair cream, enriched with anti-bacterial agents all over the bottom area.

Rule 7

Wash your hands

Wash hands thoroughly after each nappy change.

Rule 8

The right temperature

It is recommended to launder washable nappies at 90° minimum  in order to eliminate commensal bacteria.

Rule 9

Washing detergent: an important factor

Use gentle detergents, hypoallergenic, with low surfactant content to wash nappies and textiles in contact with baby's skin.

Rule 10

Consult a pediatrician

See your pediatrician if the nappy rash starts to ooze or breaks out into pimples.

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