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10 habits for healthy, effective make-up

Img_10 habits for healthy, effective make-up

Putting on make-up is no haphazard matter, especially when you have sensitive skin. Here are a few guidelines for a successful make-up application.

Rule 1

Systematically cleanse the skin

You cannot get a perfect finish to your make-up if you have not properly cleaned the face. Dust accumulated throughout the day prevents the skin from breathing and make-up from holding. No more than once a week, use an exfoliating cleanser to purify and smooth.

Rule 2

Apply a skin care product under your make-up

Successful make-up application starts with good skin preparation, which means moisturisation. With this base, foundation appears more even and luminous. Choose a skin care product adapted to your skin's needs: dry, combination, oily, anti-ageing, etc.

Rule 3

Conceal imperfections

Tinted concealers allow you to mask skin flaws. Blended 2 to 2, the colours cancel one another out. Green neutralises the red of rosacea, recent scars, visible blood vessels and post-laser redness. Yellow offsets the blue of undereye circles, varicosity or post-surgery bruising.

Rule 4

Even out complexion

Begin by applying your foundation with four dabs: forehead, cheekbones, spine of the nose and chin. Then spread outward like a cream. The application technique will be the same regardless of the foundation type you choose: cream, fluid or compact. Apply with a brush and blend with the fingers for a natural look.

Rule 5

Fix your make-up

Finish with a cloud of powder to set the concealer and foundation and mattify areas prone to shine like the forehead, chin and sides of the nose. To extend the hold of your make-up, hold a mineral water mister 30 centimetres from your face and spray.

Rule 6

Sculpt the face with blush

This step will also give you a healthy glow. Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks for a burst of radiance. This touch of colour will liven up your complexion.

Rule 7

Glorify the eyes

To open up your gaze, apply light colours to the inner, lower eyelid because they capture light. Use the most intense shades at the outer corners of the eyes for sophisticated, mesmerising eyes. A touch of mascara will perfect your make-up.

Rule 8

Enhance your smile

Begin by tracing the outline of your lips with a lip pencil to define their shape. This lip liner prevents lipstick from bleeding and helps it hold better. Choose a shade close to the colour of your lipstick. Apply your lipstick from the centre of the lips out to the corners. For added shine, add a touch of lip gloss.

Rule 9

Clean your brushes

For those who apply make-up with a brush, remember to clean them at least once a month with a suitable cleanser. This will minimise the risk of allergy while extending their shelf life.

Rule 10

Remove your make-up every night

To allow skin to breathe, it is essential that you completely cleanse your face each night to eliminate make-up and the day's impurities which prevent the skin from breathing. For sensitive skin, cleansing milk or micellar lotion are preferable.

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