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4 habits for soothing ultra-sensitive or allergy-prone skin

Img_4 habits for soothing ultra-sensitive or allergy-prone skin

"My skin will no longer tolerate anything". Women with allergy-prone and/or intolerant skin are very familiar with this expression. What they do not always know, however, is that skin is constantly changing: dry in winter, it may become mixed or even tend towards oily in summer.

La Roche-Posay now offers TOLERIANE Ultra, a daily care product for sensitive and allergic skin, available in two textures: one rich, the other fluid, providing a refined and suitable care formula whatever the season.

To each skin type, its texture

Inappropriate cosmetics: a leading cause of allergic reactions

Redness, irritations, burning sensations, etc. - all of these symptoms have a major impact on the life of women with ultra-sensitive skin. A leading cause of allergic reactions, cosmetics are now subject to increased vigilance. More than one in two women thus check the list of ingredients before purchasing, in order to ferret out alcohols, preservatives and parabens that can lead to some unpleasant surprises. Consequence: a more limited choice.

Tip 1

A specific routine : Opt for a suitable make-up remover

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La Roche-Posay brings ultra-tolerance to make-up removal and cleansing.
The high tolerance of TOLERIANE Ultra Eyes and Face Make-up Remover has been tested on ultra-sensitive or  allergy-prone skins, as well as on sensitive eyes and contact lens users. This tolerance is ensured by the product's sterile unidose packaging and ultra-refined formulation.

Importance of a skin type-specific ultra-soothing care product

TOLERIANE Ultra has demonstrated its effectiveness on ultra-sensitive skin types that tend to dryness. Not all ultra-sensitive skin types are dry however. Far from it: in summer, nearly 50% are actually mixed or oily. For these women, La Roche-Posay has developed TOLERIANE Ultra Fluid, the first non-greasy fluid daily skin care product, which provides an intense freshness that soothes heat.
Moreover, TOLERIANE care products are suitable for application around the eyes, thus bringing intense soothing to the entire face and sensitive areas of ultra-sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

Importance of formulas

Make-up remover, cleanser, care products, etc. - all products can lead to reactions. Regular vigilance is thus your best ally. The danger: omitting one of the steps in your routine to circumvent the problem. In fact, more than all other skin types, sensitive skin needs to be cleansed, moisturised and soothed. The TOLERIANE Ultra make-up remover and TOLERIANE Ultra care are preservative-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free, colorant-free and lanolin-free.

Tip 2

Trust the experts

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With the TOLERIANE Ultra product range, all sensitive skin types, whether dry, mixed, or oily, can now follow a complete routine.
Start by cleansing the skin with TOLERIANE Ultra-sensitive Face and Eyes make-up remover. This product removes the make-up instantly, efficiently and without the need to rub ultra-sensitive or allergy-prone skin. Complete the process by spraying La Roche-Posay thermal water to sooth and refresh the skin. Dry by patting the skin, then apply your TOLERIANE Ultra or TOLERIANE Ultra Fluid care product, depending on your skin type or the season.

Combining care and pleasure

A guarantee of maximum tolerance

For nearly 50% of women, tests conducted under dermatological control are decisive for making a purchase. Other criteria: tests conducted on sensitive skin types, absence of pesticides or recommendations by dermatologists. These concerns are all the stronger when dealing with allergy-prone and/or ultra-sensitive skin. The risk: preferring tolerance over pleasure.
With the TOLERIANE Ultra product range, in addition to ultra tolerance, pleasure and comfort are unaffected on application and throughout the day.

Tip 3

Making care product application a moment of relaxation

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With the TOLERIANE Ultra care products, it is now possible to combine sensation and effectiveness. Tested on skin types that react to at least two allergens, the formulas are appreciated by 99% of women. Their texture spreads easily and penetrates rapidly into the skin, without needing to be rubbed in, which can potentially exacerbate the skin's extreme sensitivity.

Preserving purity and care effectiveness

Watch out for back-contamination

Aim: to avoid bacterial contamination. First rule: wash your hands before handling your cosmetics. Other principle: avoid products in jars and prefer pump dispensers that protect the product from contact with the hands and air. Finally, remember to keep your care products in a dry, cool and dark place.

Tip 4

Use impeccable hygiene

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To help avoid bacterial contamination, TOLERIANE Ultra care products are provided in high-tech, ultra-airtight packaging that protects and guarantees the product's purity and safety during use. The sealed cap only allows the product to flow out: product back-contamination, i.e. its exposure to bacteria caused by backflow into the container, is thus impossible. Thanks to its sealed and shrinking pouch, the entire product is dispensed. There is no waste.

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