Golden rules

5 golden rules to optimal beauty treatment

Img_5 golden rules to optimal beauty treatment

Even if beauty procedures seem to be commonplace these days, some precautions must still be an integral part of the process.

Rule 1

Identify the right beauty specialist

Not making sure your beauty specialist is qualified can be disastrous, especially when it comes to cosmetic surgery. They must be qualified in order to be able to practice. Contact the relevant Medical Association to check the beauty specialist has the necessary expertise.

Rule 2

Prepare the appointment…

Obtain as much information as possible, ask questions and look at photos of procedures already performed. During the first appointment, establish the different steps and processes of your next visit. The procedure must be performed during a second appointment!

Rule 3

... And the skin

Before any procedure you will be required to prepare your skin two weeks beforehand. This will make the procedure easier, allow you to get the best result and help the effects last. Three treatments are recommended, with specific products: a cleansing gel, a lotion and a serum.

Rule 4

And protect the skin, after the procedure

After the procedure, your skin is weakened and renewed. Applying a moisturising and antiradical cream will reduce this sensitivity, rebuild the skin’s barrier function and promote its recovery. Avoid products that are too oily, as they can impair the quality of the procedure.

Rule 5

Think long-term

Alternating different products will strengthen and prolong the result of the cosmetic surgery. Objective? To stimulate collagen synthesis and protect the newly forming fibres.

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