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A comprehensive solution to relieve dry skins

Img_A comprehensive solution to relieve dry skins

Dry skin can be seen, but above all it is also a form of discomfort that can manifest as a painful sensation. Understanding its mechanism well makes it possible to manage it in an effective and comprehensive way.

The Signs

4 clinical symptoms which directly influence quality of life

To identify a dry skin condition, dermatologists diagnose dry skin according to 4 typical surface signs:
- dry patches
- scales
- stiffness, roughness

However, skin dryness is not just limited to clinical symptoms. It produces an uncomfortable and painful sensation:
- the skin gets hot;
- it becomes taut;
- it tingles.

These are sensations which upset the quality of daily life and which, according to female sufferers, means:
- they avoid wearing makeup;
- they feel less attractive;
- they lose confidence in themselves;

The causes

A skin surface which no longer acts as a barrier

The skin acts as a barrier which enables it to maintain its moisture levels and to protect itself from external aggressors. Recent scientific research has shown that a deficiency in a skin protein, Filaggrin, has an effect on this barrier function, predisposing it to skin problems which manifest as a form of dryness.
- Lipid deficiency: the intercorneocytar cement is weakened.
- Deficiency in the natural moisturizing factor or NMF: the epidermis is unable to retain water.
- Impairment of the cell maturation process: there is an insufficiency of the proteins and enzymes responsible for the keratinisation and organisation of cells.

The treatments

It is not enough just to use oils!

Restoring the lack of lipids is not sufficient. To beat skin dryness permanently, and to significantly improve quality of life, action must be taken on 3 levels which will give an overall strengthening to the skin’s barrier function:
- Restore the lipids
- Increase hydration
- Improve intercellular cohesion

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