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La Roche-Posay is here for you!

If you want to get your skin condition diagnosed by a dermatologist, along with the suitable La Roche-Posay products for free. Fill out the form below and attach a clear picture of your current skin condition.

If you suffer from acne, is your acne irritated?*

By uploading the picture I hereby confirm that I grant La Roche-Posay Egypt the right to use the pictures on anonymous basis as uploaded free-of-charge and for the entire world and for an unlimited period, the usage rights (reproduction, representation and adaptation) attached to my image as it appears in the pictures that I have uploaded, for all communication purposes, internal or external, in particular in the following media and distribution channels:

• Posters and publications in all formats, and unlimited quantities,
• Electronic publication, multimedia, Internet,
• TV broadcast, whatever the broadcast mode, unlimited number of screenings,
• Post and share photos and videos as the case may on all social media platforms (including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, You tube).

This competition is organized by “La Roche-Posay” a brand commercialized exclusively by L’Oréal Egypt whose registered office is located in 69 Teseen Street, New Cairo.
Please read carefully the terms and conditions of this competition. By participating, the participants are deemed to have irrevocably accepted these terms and conditions without reserve.

  • 1. The competition is only open to customers residing in Egypt who are at least eighteen years old.
  • 2. The closing date of the competition is one month from starting date. No entries to this competition can be accepted after closing time.
  • 4. The Participant Customers will be contacted by L’Oreal Egypt only via an official email and will receive their personal invitation to a dermatoligists along with a free kit.
  • 5. The Participant Customers are allowed to receive only one invitation.
  • 6. If the Participant Customer does not respond within three (3) days, L’Oréal Egypt reserves the right to give the invitation to another customer.
  • 7. L’Oréal Egypt is not responsible for faulty contact information provided by users that would result in failing to contact the Participant Customer.
  • 8. The participants contact information will not be sold or transferred to any third party. The participants irrevocably authorize L’Oreal Egypt to use their contact details for the purpose of contacting them in relation with this competition.
  • 9. No employees of L’Oreal Egypt or any other affiliated entity may participate to this competition.
  • 10. The participant hereby irrevocably grants L’Oréal Egypt the right and permission in perpetuity to use his/her pictures or other likenesses , in whole or in part photographs of the before and after skin condition.
  • 11. It is understood that sufficient and valuable consideration is received by the participant by reason of the above-mentioned use or publication of his/her statements, image, name, or initials and that no other consideration or compensation whatsoever is payable to the participant during or after the competition; and that such use or publication is made by L’Oreal Egypt and/or any other affiliated entity upon the participant’s acceptation of the present terms and conditions.
  • 12. The participant agrees to hold harmless and indemnify L’Oreal Egypt and its affiliates, officers, agents, employees, advertisers, licensors, suppliers or partners from and against any claim arising from or in any way related to the participant’s breach of these terms and conditions.
  • 13. The participant shall refrain from making any statement which is prejudicial, threatening, illegal, defamatory, unauthorized, abusive, injurious, malevolent, an incitement to violence or to racial, religious, or ethnic hatred, vulgar, obscene, an interference with privacy or the rights to one’s image and the participant agrees to hold harmless and protect L’Oreal Egypt and its affiliates, officers, agents, employees, advertisers, licensors, suppliers or partners from and against any claim arising from or in any way related to such speech or statement.
  • 14. The participant expressly acknowledges that any logo, material or related intellectual property rights published by L’Oreal Egypt or an affiliated entity shall belong exclusively to L’Oreal Egypt or to the affiliated entity and may not use in any way whatsoever such logo, material or intellectual property right without L’Oreal Egypt written consent.
  • 15. The present terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Egypt.

This authorization includes the right of La Roche-Posay Egypt to make any changes, additions, deletions, cropping, dubbing, etc., that deemed necessary to my original image. The pictures may be accompanied by any captions, comments and/or illustrations.
This authorization is granted without any limitation with regard to the number of reproductions, representations and adaptations made. All material produced under the present authorization shall remain the exclusive property of La Roche-Posay Egypt.

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