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Activating skin's "On" switch for anti-aging action

Img_Activating skin's "On" switch for anti-aging action

Accentuated wrinkles, irregular pigmentation and complexion graying… increasing evidence published in world-class dermatology journals confirms such characteristic skin changes are directly linked to our environment. Sun exposure (comprising UVB, UVA and infrared) and pollution are key aggressors which induce the phenomena known as environmental aging.

How our environment "switches off" the mechanisms of youthful skin

Skin constantly interacts with environmental factors, adapting its activity: deep down, environmental aggressors trigger the "off switch" in skin cells responsible for maintaining healthy and youthful tissue.
The result? Skin loses its firmness. Accentuated wrinkles set in.

Fending off environmental attacks to liberate skin's anti-aging resources

The most innovative new expertise in anti-aging is known as corrective protection.
The premise is simple: a comprehensive, active multi-shield to neutralize the very mechanics of environmental aging, freeing up skin's own energy to maintain its youthful feel and appearance.

At the basis of corrective protection, an active environmental multi-shield

Only the most advanced shield could offer such protection against environmental aging.

  • Anti-long UVA and UVB: to fight sun-induced age spots
  • Anti-oxidant: to counteract accentuated wrinkles thanks to superpotent natural anti-oxidant Carnosine, which boosts the metabolism of fibroblasts, skin's collagen makers
  • Anti-pollution: an anti-adhesion texture to prevent from particles adhesion and avoid free radical production.

Actively protected against environmental attacks, skin is no longer overwhelmed by environmental aggressors, and the corrective efficiency is reinforced. Wrinkles, age spots, graying and dullness are all progressively reduced as skin is free to channel its energy into maintaining healthy, youthful tissue.

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