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An in-depth look at Effaclar K(+), for skin freed from recurring blemishes and blackheads

Img_An in-depth look at Effaclar K(+), for skin freed from recurring blemishes and blackheads

Adult women are increasingly facing the appearance of late-onset acne.
Acne in adulthood is a genuinely upsetting condition that causes far more self-consciousness than problems with weight*.

La Roche-Posay Dermatological Laboratory recognises the impact acne has on women's quality of life, and they have made a crucial breakthrough by identifying oxidation as a decisive factor in worsening the clinical signs of oily skin.

Effaclar K(+): targeting and treating recurring blemishes and blackheads

Under the effects of external stress such as pollution or dust, sebum undergoes a process of oxidation, which increases the clinical signs of oily skin. This means more and more adult women are having to deal with late-onset skin imperfections.

To meet this new challenge, La Roche-Posay Dermatological Laboratory has taken their highly effective formula for Effaclar K even further. Now it can target oxidation processes and prevent their effects on the epidermis.

Effaclar K(+)'s high-tech formula is the first to combine active ingredients recognised for their effective action against the clinical signs of acne:

  • an anti-oxidant combination of vitamin E and carnosine to combat sebum oxidation and oxidative damage to skin;
  • Airlicium 8-hour anti-sebum, highly absorbent to prevent shine;
  • micro-exfoliating LHA to unclog pores.

Skin is detoxified and cleansed right from the first application, giving a sensation of freshness all day long.
After a month, skin is visibly transformed: the skin surface is smoother, pores are unblocked and shininess is under control.

A supplementary anti-blemish skincare routine

Effaclar K(+) is clinically proven to effectively protect skin from oxidation and excess sebum. Smooth and renewed, skin is also freed from recurring blackheads.

For best results:
1 - Cleanse your skin morning and night with Efflaclar Micellar Water, specially formulated to eliminate impurities such as polluting particles and also excess sebum. This leaves skin clear and refreshed.

2 - After applying Effaclar K(+), correct your complexion with Toleriane Teint Mineral, the perfect combination of make-up and skincare specifically designed for oily blemish-prone skin. This gives you an even, mattified complexion, and it visibly reduces imperfections.

*Christin N.Collier et al. The prevalence of acne in adults aged 20 and over. J Am Acad Dermatol, Volume 58, Issue 1 - 2008

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