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Atopic Eczema: a routine to relieve itching

Img_Atopic Eczema: a routine to relieve itching

Currently, more than 20% of children suffer from "atopic" eczema (also known as atopic dermatitis). Usually non-serious, this cutaneous complaint is nonetheless a genuine source of discomfort for children… and parents.
However, this itching and its impact on everyday life can be avoided. Discover a life-changing routine.


Atopic eczema is a dermatological pathology that can appear in infants from the age of three months. Usually found on infants' faces, it can also develop in the skin folds around their knees, wrists and elbows as they grow.  

The symptoms of this pathology are epidermal dryness and deterioration of the skin's protective barrier, facilitating the penetration of allergens and causing itching which has a negative impact on children's quality of life: disturbed sleep, mood swings and permanent discomfort, etc. These difficulties can have repercussions on the whole family's quality of life.

Atopy: startling statistics?

  • 20% of children are affected*
  • 85% of cases develop before the age of 5**
  • It is the second most common reason for visiting a dermatologist***

*Claude Huriez University Hospital, France, 2002
** E. Mahé, France, 2005
*** Dimension Baromètre suivi dermatologue 2008, Fr-All-It-Esp [Measurement: Dermatologist monitoring poll 2008, France-Germany-Italy-Spain]


Start by opting for bathing products that are suitable for atopy-prone skin such as LIPIKAR Syndet: it helps restore the comfort and well-being of children with atopic eczema. Using your fingertips, work this syndet, or "soap-free soap", into a lather. Rinse thoroughly. Paraben and fragrance-free, it helps to restore suppleness and comfort to the skin.    

Next, apply LIPIKAR Baume AP+, the latest innovation from the La Roche-Posay Dermatological Laboratory, an emollient skincare product that provides comprehensive care for atopic eczema. Thanks to Aqua Posae Filiformis, a new and exclusive patented active ingredient, it acts on the two determining factors of atopy-prone skin: the microbiome and the cutaneous barrier. Providing immediate relief and a 24-hour Anti-Scratch effect, as well as decreasing the frequency of bouts of severe dryness, this treatment is an effective solution for atopy. Soft and supple, the skin regains lasting comfort.  

Our advice: For better absorption of active ingredients, apply LIPIKAR Baume AP+ to slightly moist skin after bathing.  

Discover the full LIPIKAR range, reference products in the treatment of atopic skin.

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