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Beauty solutions for sensitive skin: myth or reality?

Img_Beauty solutions for sensitive skin: myth or reality?

Make-up and sensitive skin do not always go hand in hand. A minor error in the choice of product, and the skin instantly retaliates: redness, irritation, allergic reactions, etc. To avoid all the discomfort of skin irritation, we sometimes end up resigning ourselves to having a rather pasty complexion all year round. And yet such reactions can be avoided. Skincare and beauty solutions exist particularly suited to the needs of sensitive skin.


Sensitive skin and make-up, a love-hate relationship

Sensitive skin is not a skin type. It is a characteristic that can affect all skin types. Whether atopic, dry, normal, combination, oily or acne-prone, sensitive skin is very vulnerable. Therefore, it is often damaged by factors that are usually well tolerated by “ordinary” skin. Sensitive skin can react in many ways—tightness, irritation, stinging, itching, redness, blotches, small spots, etc. all just waiting to erupt. Under such conditions, applying make-up quickly becomes a risky business, and many simply give up.


The wrong choice of make-up

Sensitive skin is particularly demanding, and does not always tolerate the ordinary make-up products sold in cosmetics stores. As the skin barrier is more vulnerable, this make-up often ends up damaging the skin rather than protecting it.


The sensitive-skin beauty motto: make-up = care

To safely rediscover the pleasures of make-up, sensitive skin can find its happiness: hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic formulas containing carefully selected ingredients, with light textures offering both sun protection and long-lasting hydration and which give the skin a beautiful transparent radiance for a fresh and natural complexion.
One new product that possesses all these characteristics and that meets the needs of even the most sensitive skin is Hydreane BB, the first La Roche-Posay BB cream (to be found in pharmacies).

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