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Choosing the right moisturizer

Img_Choosing the right moisturizer

You always moisturize the skin on your face? A day cream for protection, and a night cream for regeneration. Cocooning care in the winter, and light textures in the summer. That's great, but did you know that the skin on your body also has specific needs depending on the time of day or year? Here are some tips for choosing the right products to ensure the optimum hydration of your skin all year round.

Fluid textures...

...for when the skin needs something lighter!

In the morning, we're often in a rush. Opt for LIPIKAR Gel-Fluide. Its light texture spreads easily and is rapidly absorbed. Its advantage? It's very easy to apply and you can dress immediately, without the unpleasant sensation that your clothing is stuck to your skin.

In summer, the skin tends to become more dehydrated. Heat, sweating, dry winds, sunshine... your skin is thirsty and makes sure you know it! It feels tight, and peels. To soothe your skin without choking it, LIPIKAR Gel-Fluide is the ideal choice: it offers intense hydration and leaves a soothing fresh sensation.

Thick textures...

...for when the skin is feeling more greedy!

In the evening, take time to pamper yourself with long massages to relax after a long day. Opt for enveloping and comfortable textures like LIPIKAR Milk, which is a little thicker without being greasy or sticky.

In winter, the skin tends to be drier—and excessive heating, temperature variations between indoors and outdoors, and thick clothes can make this worse. The skin needs comforting, shielding textures that make pomading easier, such as LIPIKAR Baume AP.

The right technique

An optimal beauty ritual

To maximize the effectiveness of your LIPIKAR Gel-Fluide, incorporate some practical techniques into your daily routine:

  • your first reflex after a bath or shower should be to moisturize your skin;
  • apply as often as necessary;
  • remember to spray La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water on your skin before applying your moisturizer;
  • drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day to maintain your body's water balance.

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