"Corrective make-up helped me feel better in my own skin"

Img_"Corrective make-up helped me feel better in my own skin"

Certain skin reactions, especially when they are excessive, can become crippling for women. Camouflaging make-up, particularly corrective foundation, is still one of the best solutions to diminish visible effects. Take Céline's case as an example.


Céline, how would you describe your skin?

Unfortunately, I have had extremely sensitive skin since my teens. Back then, my acne phase lasted a long time and was complicated to treat. In fact, I still have some traces of it, including three or four scars.


And, as an adult, how is it?

With age, my skin's reactivity has worsened and other disordered have appeared, notably permanent redness. In the beginning, I thought my skin was reacting to the cold and humidity, but it is actually rosacea. It is completely unattractive: my face is criss-crossed with tiny red lines on my cheeks and the sides of my nose.

The solution

How did you manage to get over this obstacle?

A friend who gets lots of peelings and other facial procedures, recommended coverage make-up so that I could effectively conceal this pathology. The redness was really starting to give me a complex when I met new people. First I was surprised by the extra-light texture, then by the results. All my imperfections are corrected: both the minor, passing flaws and the permanent scars. The results I get are natural without being overly heavy and my complexion is fresh, matt and even. Now I never go out without applying a layer of corrective foundation!

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