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Corrective make-up

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Certain skin flaws are experienced by women as a true aesthetic handicap. To hide these imperfections, dermatologists today can recommend a solution: complexion corrective make-up.


A heightened need for high-tolerance, high-coverage foundation

At any age, a woman can be faced with permanent skin irregularities or temporarily sensitised skin. There are numerous expressions of these irregularities: from minor imperfections, like acne scars or dark circles, to more aesthetically crippling manifestations such as angioma or vitiligo. In these cases, it is essential that you see a dermatologist. The doctor will treat the pathology and recommend a high-tolerance, high-coverage make-up.


Specific case: after aesthetic procedures

At a time when plastic surgery procedures are becoming increasingly common, women are looking for safe, effective products. Depending on the type of treatment, for a few days or a few weeks, women are seeking to effectively conceal redness caused by laser treatment or other anti-wrinkle injections. Coverage make-up remains one of the best options. In addition to camouflaging, it is formulated to meet high-tolerance criteria and does not diminish the action of post-procedure skin care products.


A simple make-up habit to regain self-confidence

The percentage of pigments in coverage foundation is significantly higher than that of traditional foundation and usually ranges from 25 to 30%. Offering greater coverage and reliability, this type of make-up allows you to cover any imperfections effectively and for a long time. In effect, the different colours enable optimal coverage for all categories of imperfections: yellow neutralises bluish imperfections (dark circles, etc.) and green cancels out redness. All this without a mask effect: the formulas of these foundations contain specific purified pigments. The textures, whether fluid or compact, remain ultra-light, supple and fine. They do not suffocate the skin, spread easily and adapt to cover imperfections without overloading the skin.

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