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When undereye circles are very pronounced, I use a yellow concealer

Img_When undereye circles are very pronounced, I use a yellow concealer

Dark circles under the eyes can be caused by increased pigmentation (brown appearance) or the underlying vascular network (bluish appearance). They give the face a tired look and are often unwelcome. How do you correct them? Advice from a dermatologist.

1. What are the principles of make-up for undereye circles?

You are working close to the eye, which means there is a higher risk of irritation or allergies.

You have to consider this when choosing make-up and make-up removal products. The appearance of dark circles is often accentuated by a hollow that underscores shadows. Make-up is used to correct the dark circles or lighten the area. The ultimate goal is to accentuate the eyes, especially if eye make-up is also being applied (eyebrows, eyelids, lashes).

2. What advice do you give when using make-up on undereye circles?

Usually, a corrective foundation is sufficiently rich in pigments to completely cover up faint undereye circles.

I choose a shade that is paler than the face to lighten this area. When the dark circles are very pronounced, before the foundation I apply a yellow concealer. It neutralises the pigmented colour on golden skin or bluish shades. For white skin, I choose a light beige concealer.

3. Are there other lesions that are corrected using the same principles?

Indeed, when neutralising a bluish appearance, we use its complementary colour, yellow.

Neutralising means causing the blue tinge of the skin to disappear. The goal is not to add a yellow tinge. In addition to dark circles, you can use it to camouflage bruises or unsightly veins on the legs. On golden skin, yellow can also neutralise the redness of rosacea or angioma.

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