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When dealing with sensitive skin, make-up must be corrective and easy to apply

Img_When dealing with sensitive skin, make-up must be corrective and easy to apply

Sensitive skin is characterised by irritation at the slightest contact, and redness that is often permanent. Make-up for this skin type must be gentle, but the products must also provide enough coverage to be effective. What can you suggest? Advice from a dermatologist.

What precautions should be taken when using make-up on sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is easily marked, so you must avoid irritating it.

Cleansing steps must be performed gently. The skin should be moisturised with products adapted to sensitive skin. Make-up should be both corrective and easy to apply. To achieve this effect, I blend the make-up product with moisturising cream to obtain a texture that covers thoroughly while remaining fluid.

Are there specific make-up products for sensitive skin?

There are no special make-up products for sensitive skin,

but with this reactive skin type, it is important to recommend risk-free products. Personally, I recommend corrective foundations, meaning they were formulated for troubled skin. This minimises the risk of irritation or sensitisation. I recommend they be diluted with a moisturising cream.

Is there a specific technique for applying the make-up?

Indeed, for sensitive skin, you must avoid rubbing, which can trigger irritation and redness.

After moisturising the skin, the make-up product, which may be diluted, should be applied gently with a sponge or by patting with a finger. Then I use a thick brush to pat the skin gently to ensure the make-up is properly applied and to blend it at the edges.

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