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"Don't underestimate the consequences of weakened skin"

Img_"Don't underestimate the consequences of weakened skin"

Health care providers, catering staff, manual laborers, hairdressers, bakers... the list of professions in which the hands are repeatedly exposed to aggression is long. One thing they all have in common is everyday exposure to organic solvents, surfactant detergents and soaps with a basic pH that is too high for the skin.

In the case of the lips, it is the cold, the wind, the sun and even particularly drying medical treatments that are a continuous source of aggression. Applying CICAPLAST Hands and CICAPLAST Lips to both the hands and lips is essential to help prevent making the condition worse and complications.

Why is hand skin so fragile?

Not only is hand skin fragile, it's also placed under great strain

Hand skin is also often prone to dryness and dehydration. It contains few sebaceous glands and synthesizes few moisturizing factors. This all means that its hydrolipidic film, which is supposed to protect the skin, is virtually non-existent. As a result, hand skin is very vulnerable. In addition, the hands are one of the parts of the body used most in our day-to-day lives. Whether in a professional context or for domestic activities, our hands are always on the front line. Extremely exposed, the hands are also affected by environmental stressors such as the cold and the sun.

What are the risks when hand skin becomes fragile and continues to be exposed regularly to aggression?

From weakened skin to chronic dermatitis

When already weakened, the skin can react violently to renewed exposure to an allergen or an irritant, resulting for example in dermatitis, eczema or allergies. In the most severe cases, the skin reacts so badly that it can lead to hospitalization or job loss (if the reaction is disabling in a professional context)

Practical advice

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If you exercise a manual profession that places your hands under great strain, remember to always protect them with gloves and to apply a protective repair cream such as CICAPLAST Hands. Also wear gloves when performing household chores, which are another source of aggression and irritation for delicate hand skin. Do not wait until your hands have become extremely dry and damaged before applying your cream daily and several times a day. And don't forget to apply your CICAPLAST cream in the evening before going to bed.

Why does lip skin dry so quickly?

The lips benefit from very little natural protection, so its skin is particularly vulnerable

Because it's a semi-mucosa, lip skin has no stratum corneum. Extremely thin, it is also devoid of sebaceous glands. Its surface cannot therefore be lubricated properly. Because they protrude, like the nose and cheekbones, the lips are the first to suffer from the cold and to be damaged by the wind. Lip skin produces no melanin pigments either, so it cannot protect itself from the sun. Fragile and vulnerable, it is extremely prone to dryness, dehydration and irritation.

What might the implications for dry lips be if left untreated?

When the skin has no protective shield, the risk of potentially serious diseases increases

Dryness, peeling and chapping, caused by the cold and the wind or isotretinoin-type treatments that have drying effects, can be made worse. Fissures may even become chronic. Such conditions can lead to lip inflammation, such as angular stomatitis, or to traumatic or allergic cheilitis.

Practical advice

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When the lips are especially dry and damaged, a simple moisturizer is not enough. The skin needs a balm having a repair barrier action, under which the skin will have time to recover. But don't wait for your lips to do the talking; when winter approaches, when on vacation in the mountains or by the sea, or when beginning a treatment having a known drying effect (such as an acne treatment), remember to apply CICAPLAST Lips daily and several times a day to help your skin cope with this aggression. In the evening, apply your balm in a thick layer and leave it on overnight.

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