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"Dry skin is not incurable"

Img_"Dry skin is not incurable"

Dermatology is progressing. These days, beyond treating visible skin symptoms, the importance of a patient’s daily management plan is undeniable. Dermocosmetics also benefits from this integrated approach.

What exactly is dry skin?

A malfunction of 3 key mechanisms in the skin’s barrier function

Dry skin undergoes a weakening of its barrier function. This is due to a change in the skins cellular cohesion, an insufficiency in NMF or natural moisturising factor, and a deficiency in its lipid production.

So should we rely on very oily products in our treatment routines?

Products which are nourishing, but with textures convenient to our lifestyles

No, without a doubt dry skin does require nourishment. However, the more oily textures are not necessarily the most effective. What is more, they leave unpleasant qualities after use.    Dermatology and dermocosmetics is now determined by the patient’s lifestyle and personal experiences. It is better to focus on a treatment that, while restoring the skin barrier, is also comfortable to use: absorbing immediately, leaving no greasy, sticky film over the skin, and facilitating easy use into our day to day lives.

If we have dry skin should we use a different treatment during summertime and wintertime?

Adapt treatments according to the skin’s needs, and to personal day to day experiences

The skin actually tends to become much drier in wintertime. The cold, the wind, too much heating, and the indoor and outdoor differences in temperature are all factors which aggravate and dry out our skin.  If you feel that the condition of your skin varies according to the season, consider using richer formulas in winter such as NUTRITIC Intense Riche.

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