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For sensitive or sun allergy-prone skin: turn summer into your favorite season!

Img_For sensitive or sun allergy-prone skin: turn summer into your favorite season!

For the first time, very high-protection ANTHELIOS XL UVA/UVB is available in the sunniest of textures…an invisible nutritive oil for an ultra-sensorial experience!

A new texture, nourishing and invisible

Ultra-fluid and infinitely smooth, new SPF50+ Invisible Nutritive Oil spreads on easily and glides across skin, providing both comfort and nutrition.

The secret? An ideal balance of two oils: a light dry oil to improve glide and an emollient oil to nourish skin.

For a perfect finishing touch, an intelligent polymer boosts effectiveness. When applied to skin, it becomes denser and recovers its original composition to create an invisible, even film for optimal protection.

An ultra-sensorial experience : use the practical pump bottle to obtain just the right amount of the ultra-fluid and exceedingly sensual texture of SPF 50+ Invisible Nutritive Oil. Put some in the palm of your hand and smooth it on to wrap your body in an invisible and nourishing protective film. Your skin will be satiny and luminous, with no stickiness.

Its soft, deliciously summery fragrance adds even more pleasure. Notes of white flowers over a musky base swathe skin in delicious holiday scents.

A formula adapted to the most sensitive skins

A true feat of formulation, SPF 50+ Invisible Nutritive Oil faithfully reflects the characteristic minimalism of La Roche-Posay products, without compromising on comfort or sensorial appeal.
In addition, it is hypoallergenic for optimal tolerance, even for sensitive or sun allergy-prone skin*.
*Subject to sun intolerance, commonly known as sun allergy.

And as ever, the best of ANTHELIOS XL protection

Providing expert protection for all types of sensitive and sun allergy-prone skin for nearly thirty years, ANTHELIOS is:

  • The highest UVB protection with SPF 50+.
  • Reinforced UVA protection with PPD 35*.
* SPF 50+/PPD 35 ≤ 2.5 is a stricter level than the European recommendation for sun care products.
  • A photostable formula and a water-resistant texture.
  • A strict formulation charter, tested under dermatological control.
  • Efficacy verified by 19 clinical studies.

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