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Healthy skin for a carefree state of mind

Img_Healthy skin for a carefree state of mind

Does dry, hard and uncomfortable skin complicate your daily life? Here are 5 practical tips towards regaining healthy skin for a carefree state of mind.

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do everything, but take it easy

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Dry skin is also very sensitive and needs to be looked after. Consider adapting your activities to suit your needs.
Bathing while at the seaside or during a picnic? When you come out of the water, rinse immediately to get rid of the chlorine and salt, and then moisturise.
Going on holiday? Bask in the sun by all means! However, don’t do this while the sun is at its hottest, and always use a sun protection cream.

Suggestion 2

not too hot

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Heating systems during the wintertime are often overused; drying out the surrounding air considerably, and in turn drying out our skin. Consider airing rooms regularly during the day and before you go to sleep. An air humidifier can prove to be a precious ally. Avoid over-heated water for the bath or shower, even though it may be tempting.
During summertime your body loses water, so moisturise well. Remember to slip a thermal spa water spray into your bag to refresh your skin when the mercury rises.

Suggestion 3

not too cold

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The cold also aggravates the skin. Always remember to protect your face and hands well. However, avoid using wool next to the skin as it has a tendency to cause irritation.
During summertime, be wary of air conditioning. This absorbs the humidity in the atmosphere and dries out the skin. For this, consider using an air humidifier.

Suggestion 4

provide for your skin from the inside

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Every day the skin loses about 1.5 litres of water which needs to be restored by drinking regularly. If you are happy to vary your tastes, drink for example fruit juices. It is better to avoid abusing your body with tea and coffee which have a diuretic effect and cause dehydration.

Suggestion 5

top yourself up with essential nutrients

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Some nutrients are essential for skin health, especially when it is dry. Aim for foods rich in essential fatty acids and in vitamins C, A and E. For an extra boost, you will regain nutrients through dietary supplements. Take these ideally as two month courses, corresponding to the changing seasons.

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