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"Improving quality of life with sensitive skin: prevention, and above all hydration."

Img_"Improving quality of life with sensitive skin: prevention, and above all hydration."

You have sensitive skin? The best way to put an end to irritation and discomfort is to take a few simple preventative measures and make hydration your everyday ally.

What is the "vicious itch-scratch cycle"?

Itching caused by severely dry skin, the root of many evils

Intermittent itching can occur in very dry and sensitive skin. So it's natural to want to scratch it. But this brings only temporary relief, and prolongs skin barrier deficiencies. The impaired skin barrier then lets irritants and allergens penetrate more easily. These cause renewed itching, and an even stronger urge to scratch... and so begins a vicious circle.

Can hydration and nutrition play a role in breaking this circle?

Body emollients are essential for healthy skin

Hydration restores the hydrolipidic film and restructures the skin barrier. Remember to deeply moisturize your skin at least once a day, even if at times you have the impression your skin is less in need of hydration. In this case, light but nonetheless ultra-moisturizing formulas like LIPIKAR Gel-Fluide are ideal.

Are there other ways to prevent irritation?

Avoid irritation factors so as not to harm the skin

Remember to eliminate allergens as much as possible (dust, mites). Choose suitable hypoallergenic products (cleansing and skin care). Eat a healthy diet (rich in vitamins A, C and E and in essential fatty acids). Do not overheat your home in the winter, and air rooms regularly. Prefer lukewarm showers to baths, and always opt for hypoallergenic products.

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