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LIPIKAR Baume AP+ : The life-changing innovation for atopic skin

Img_LIPIKAR Baume AP+ : The life-changing innovation for atopic skin

The result of a true technological revolution, LIPIKAR Baume AP+ is the latest product in the Lipikar range, the reference range of emollients for very dry and atopy-prone skin for over 25 years.


Up until now, we have always tried to eradicate the micro-organisms present in our body and on the surface of our skin. Yet recent research has shown that, in effect, these micro-organisms constitute a balanced bacterial heritage which acts and interacts with our body in order to ensure that it functions correctly.

In cases of atopy-prone skin, the microbiome is unbalanced.
Thanks to a groundbreaking clinical study, the La Roche-Posay Dermatological Laboratory has therefore demonstrated that it is not enough to simply restore the cutaneous barrier in order to provide lasting relief to atopic skin. It is equally important to restore the balance of the microbiome. Even if the cutaneous barrier is restored, as long as the microbiome remains unbalanced, outbreaks of irritation and itching will constantly recur.

The commitment of the La Roche-Posay Dermatological Laboratory is evidenced by:

  • 25 years of research in the field of atopy
  • 80 atopy schools throughout the world
  • 39 clinical studies that have demonstrated the efficacy of LIPIKAR


A combination of active ingredients specifically selected for their effectiveness against atopy and safety for skin in a revolutionary new texture that facilitates regular application, the new LIPIKAR Baume AP+ preparation has demonstrated its efficacy in:

1 - Restoring long-term balance to the microbiome
Aqua Posae Filliformis helps to restore balance to the diversity of the microbiome, taking effect during outbreaks and stabilizing it during periods of remission, to prevent relapses. It soothes irritation, stimulates the skin's defenses to prevent the introduction of pathogenic agents that would cause new irritation and promotes the reconstruction of the cutaneous barrier.  

2 - Reconstructing the cutaneous barrier
LIPIKAR Baume AP+ contains a combination of reference active dermatological ingredients to guarantee the moisture-replenishment of the skin and provide intense nourishment:

  • Shea butter, naturally lipid-replenishing
  • Canola oil, soothing
  • Glycerin, moisturizing and smoothing

3 - Suppressing inflammation
Niacinamide acts directly on the factors of irritation by neutralizing them. It calms and soothes itching while reducing the feeling of cutaneous discomfort.   In order to encourage regular application, LIPIKAR Baume AP+ is formulated with an ultra-absorbent texture: a single application will provide a 24-hour anti-scratch effect. It acts on all the mechanisms of atopy. It thus restores long-lasting suppleness and comfort to the skin.  

Extended results at 1 month
  • 100% of parents found that their baby had more supple skin*.
  • 96% of parents found that their skin was soothed*.
  • 96% felt that the comfort of their child's skin was restored*.
*Laboratory tests carried out on 54 babies - Daily application for 4 weeks.  

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