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"My skin reacts to every cleanser I try!"

Img_"My skin reacts to every cleanser I try!"

When it comes to cleansing, reactive skin is a tricky customer. On the one hand, it longs for an in-depth clean: any dirt, pollution and city residues sitting on skin's surface will only heighten this skin type's reactivity. Yet, on the other, reactive skin fears the post-cleanse backlash: the prickling, itching and stinging sensations that can follow in the wake of an overzealous cleanser.

Traditional cleansers: When formulas "strip" rather than "cleanse"

In an attempt to rid the complexion of harmful pollution and impurities, many traditional products resort to harsh cleansing agents as well as reactivity-triggering preservatives. The result? Skin is cleansed, but it is also stripped of its own vital lipids, leaving it highly exposed - and that means ready to react - to environmental aggressors, contaminants in the tap water or sometimes "nasties" in the cleanser itself... It's no wonder some women and men experience discomfort after cleansing.

Which are the best cleansers for reactive skin?

If you have a reactive skin type, your skincare shopping territory of choice should be the pharmacy. Ask your pharmacist about micellar waters adapted to your skin's needs and check they are tested on sensitive skin under dermatological supervision.

Soothe reactivity before it's triggered

The latest generation of micellar waters are specifically formulated to cater to the demanding needs of reactive skin. These waters contain gentle cleansing agents in the form of selective micelles that lift off all dirt, make-up and pollution, without stripping skin of its lipids. Look for formulas that integrate anti-friction glycerine for hydrate-as-you-cleanse smoothness and reduced rubbing, to soothe the symptoms of reactive skin before they appear.
Finally, the satisfaction of a cotton pad stained black with impurities and make-up, without the reactive skin backlash.
Discover a cleansing water that works in harmony with reactive skin.

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