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"Nearly one third of ultra-sensitive skin types are mixed or tend towards oily"

Img_"Nearly one third of ultra-sensitive skin types are mixed or tend towards oily"

Considered as "a major public health problem" by the World Health Organisation, allergies are a growing phenomenon.
Based on its expertise in the sensitive skin field, La Roche-Posay looked into this issue and went beyond the preconceived ideas: ultra-sensitive skin is not necessarily dry, and intense soothing does not necessarily involve a nourishing dosage form.
To relieve mixed or oily skin types as well, TOLERIANE Ultra is now available in a new fluid texture, as our dermatologist explains.

What is the difference between intolerant and allergy-prone skin?

Different dermatological situations

  • An allergy is an immune reaction to one or more allergens: a medical examination to identify the substance causing the reaction is essential.
  • Skin intolerance is an immediate and local response to an irritant: intolerant skin types are thus characterised by discreet clinical signs compared to the scope of the discomfort reported.
Common treatment is however possible. TOLERIANE Ultra, a major formulation and technical innovation, provides intense and long-lasting soothing of the daily discomforts of ultra-sensitive and even allergy-prone skins.

Are mixed or oily skin types in the minority?

Putting a stop to misconceptions

Skin type is not an intrinsic characteristic. This is not a type of skin but rather a skin condition. The type of skin depends on the surrounding environment. The skin is generally drier in winter. Even during this season, however, nearly one third of ultra-sensitive skin types are actually mixed or tend towards oily. This percentage rises to nearly 50% in summer.

Ultimately, it is the very notion that hypersensitivity is related to skin type that must be revised: while ultra-sensitive mixed or oily skin types are frequently considered to be in the minority, they may, depending on the country and season, represent up to 60% of intolerant skin types.

Source: SENSI SURVEY, 8,900 women, 8 countries, 2012

Practical advice

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The skin's needs change throughout the year: drier in winter, it may become mixed in summer. Other factors may also influence the skin type: pregnancy, change of environment, exposure to sun, etc.
Currently, La Roche-Posay offers a solution for all intolerant skin types by proposing TOLERIANE Ultra in two textures: one is rich, for normal to dry skins, the other fluid for mixed or oily skin types.

What is the underlying principle of care for ultra-sensitive skin?

A dermatological approach to cosmetics

The TOLERIANE range applies a precautionary principle close to the heart of dermatologists: "Primium non nocere" (First, do no harm). This results in the development of formulas reduced to their bare essentials: as few components as possible and no potentially allergenic substances. It is this dermatological approach to cosmetics that enabled TOLERIANE to become the brand acclaimed by thousands of women with highly sensitive skin.
Currently, TOLERIANE Ultra and TOLERIANE Ultra fluid are, as such, a genuine feat. In addition to a formulation containing no preservatives, parabens, alcohol, colorants, or lanolin, they possess intense and durable soothing power thanks to neurosensine, an anti-inflammatory compound that further reduces skin reactivity.

How can intolerant skin types be soothed over the long term?

A powerful active substance, combined with naturally anti-irritant thermal water

TOLERIANE Ultra provides intolerant skin types with intense soothing power. The source of this soothing effect: Neurosensine, an active substance that targets skin irritation mechanisms. This substance stimulates the release of messengers that oppose, amongst others, those of histamine, released in the event of hypersensitivity reactions.
The benefit: a soothing action reinforced by an unprecedented association with naturally soothing and anti-irritant Thermal Water by La Roche-Posay.

Practical advice

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We know that the rubbing actions sometimes required when applying certain cosmetics, may exacerbate the extreme sensitivity of ultra-sensitive skins. For this reason, TOLERIANE Ultra and TOLERIANE Ultra Fluid offer an ultra-comfortable texture for skins that will tolerate nothing. They spread easily and penetrate rapidly into the skin, which is immediately soothed and moisturised.

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