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Pollution and long UVA rays: the main causes of pigmentation disorders

Img_Pollution and long UVA rays: the main causes of pigmentation disorders

Atmospheric pollution and long UVA rays mean the skin constantly suffers from external stress,
which leads to an uneven complexion. Irregularities appear, such as spots and a dull or greyish complexion.
A dermatologist explains.

1 - What is oxidative stress?

Oxidative stress is the source of pigmentation disorders

Oxidative stress is generated by a noxious synergy of pollution and long UVA rays. Pollution and long UVA rays are harmful as they produce free radicals able to penetrate the skin, thereby fostering the appearance of pigmentation disorders (spots and a dull and greyish complexion).

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Two hundred million women* worldwide suffer from pigmentation disorders which change the quality of their complexion.
*Top10 - TNS Sofres studies.

2 - What are the symptoms of pigmentation disorders due to oxidative stress?

There are two major symptoms: the appearance of spots and a greyish complexion

Oxidative stress leads to the disruption of melanocytes and their environment, called the melanotope, thereby triggering the process that leads to the appearance of spots and a dull complexion. On the skin surface, the oxidation of melanin, which is already present in the upper layers of the epidermis, leads to a greyish complexion.

Melanocytes are melanin-producing cells located in the lower part of the epidermis.
The melanotope is the environment surrounding the melanocyte (epidermis and dermis). Recent studies have confirmed its role, in the same way as the melanocyte, in the formation, persistence and reappearance of pigmentation disorders.

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8 out of 10 women complain about the appearance of spots*.
*Interviews with 263 women aged 30 to 50 years old - France.

3 - What solution is there to prevent the appearance of spots and preserve a radiant and even complexion?


This correcting and complexion-evening treatment combines the powerful anti-spot complex PIGMENTCLAR with PhE-Resorcinol and the top STRENGTHENED PROTECTION formula of La Roche-Posay:

1 - Anti-pollution action due to a unique anti-adhesion texture specifically developed by La Roche-Posay and able to reduce the ability of polluting particles to adhere to the skin.

2 - Long UVA-ray protection: drawing on the expertise of Anthelios, the sun protection product for sensitive skin recommended by 25,000 dermatologists worldwide, Pigmentclar UV SPF 30 has a Mexoryl® SX and XL filter system offering: 

  • long-UVA protection to correct a greyish complexion
  • UVB SPF 30 – UVA PPD 15 protection to shield the more exposed areas where spots are most likely to appear.

3 - Anti-oxidant action due to its ginkgo biloba-ferulic acid complex with recognised anti-oxidant properties that combat complexion irregularities and the appearance of spots on the skin.

Pigmentclar UV SPF 30 is a comprehensive correcting and evening treatment that limits the appearance of spots and a greyish complexion.

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