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Redness: colour changes in sensitive skin

Img_Redness: colour changes in sensitive skin

Redness is ranked well ahead of blackheads and dark circles as a major concern among women. However, it is not merely an imperfection that needs to be concealed. It is also the symptom of skin sensitivity. Redness leads to a change in complexion colour and indicates that the skin requires special products and application methods.

In order to recover an even complexion and daily comfort in the long term, La Roche-Posay introduces Rosaliac CC Cream, a new-generation anti-redness cream which covers, corrects and protects.


Various shapes, intensities and frequencies

First observation: there is no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to redness. Whether temporary or permanent, localised or diffuse, redness has a multitude of causes and manifestations. In fact, daily stressors are the most likely causes of skin hypersensitivity.
However, what all types of redness have in common is their significant impact on skin quality: skin tone is clearly less even, whereas the skin texture is coarser and heat discomfort is greater. Although the onset of redness can occur at all ages, it tends to get worse. Over time, an uneven complexion and discomfort can become permanent.

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Only 1 out of 10 women concerned uses an anti-redness skincare product. In the majority of cases, women prefer foundation or a local corrector to conceal redness, in addition to sun protection to protect the skin from the aggravating effects of the sun. Unfortunately, none of these solutions is able to correct redness completely and naturally.

La Roche-Posay's solution

An instant and long-lasting Complete Correction

Drawing on its anti-redness expertise, La Roche-Posay introduces Rosaliac CC Cream, an innovative concept: the Complete Correction of colour changes due to skin sensitivity. A concentrate of the best of dermatological expertise in terms of skincare, make-up and protection, it instantly covers redness, identified as a typical symptom of skin sensitivity. It also provides long-term correction, all with a single application.
In a nutshell: it is a major innovation in keeping with the expectations of women today. Rosaliac CC Cream contains SPF 30, a high protection factor, to prevent the aggravation and reappearance of redness: this is a major feat for our formulators, given the difficulty of adding such a high level of protection to a day cream, while ensuring high tolerance for sensitive skin.

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For 90% of users, Rosaliac CC Cream provides a natural result and leaves an even and uniform finish for 93% of women.

** Source: Self-assessment on 67 women.

Practical aspects

A complete complexion cream for daily sensory pleasure

A complete day cream, Rosaliac CC Cream is full of surprises. Just press the pump bottle and release the right amount to see what they are. First of all, the texture is surprisingly spreadable. Soft as silk stockings, it spreads evenly over the skin, providing balanced coverage. The skin is graced with a perfectly universal colour. Then follows the soothing sensation, which comes as a relief to a flushed skin.
Lastly, Rosaliac CC Cream caresses the skin with a floral fragrance: this considerate touch perfects an application halfway between skincare and make-up. The expert product has a predominant pink-beige colour creating an aura of femininity, gentleness and sensory appeal.

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