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"Sensitive skin: discomfort that shows"

Img_"Sensitive skin: discomfort that shows"

Sensitive skin is often synonymous with an uneven complexion. The reason is a strong tendency to redness.
Considered an obstacle to the development of beauty, such redness affects the lives of women for whom La Roche-Posay
has developed Rosaliac CC Cream, a concentrate of the very best of make-up expertise and dermatological skincare.
Our dermatologist tells us more about the problem of redness.

Who are the women affected by skin colour changes due to sensitivity?

There is no age or season for the appearance of redness

All types of sensitive skin can be affected. Only 11% of redness results from a pathological condition. In the majority of cases, redness is temporary and diffuse. Half of the time it is due to environmental factors: sun, heat, cold, wind, etc. It can also appear at any age, as demonstrated by these averages for European countries:

  • Nearing thirty, the first signs of redness may appear.
  • Between 30 and 40*, temporary redness, flushing or redness due to sun exposure may occur.
  • From the age of 47*, skin colour changes related to years of sun exposure or age become permanent.
* Source: L’OREAL Research – IFOP, SensiSurvey, 2012

How can the discomfort caused by these colour changes be limited?

Instant and long-term correction

With ROSALIAC, a range of skincare products dedicated to sensitive and reactive skin, La Roche-Posay Laboratories has developed advanced knowledge of redness over several years. La Roche-Posay now introduces a new multifunctional skincare product: Rosaliac CC Cream, its first Complete Corrector of colour changes caused by skin sensitivity.
By combining the correction of redness with make-up coverage and UV protection, it instantly evens out the complexion and corrects redness day after day.

Practical advice

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Although make-up provides effective coverage, it may not suit the routine of women seeking a natural result. The solution is a product guaranteeing both coverage and transparency. With Rosaliac CC Cream, you can benefit from a universal and ready-to-wear shade of foundation with an unprecedented balance between brightness and depth: approved by 86% of women with a light to medium skin tone, it is specially tailored to sensitive skin prone to redness.
You will also benefit from a playtime product; i.e. the cream's ideal distribution ability: the pigments melt into the skin to provide natural coverage, making it both a skincare and make-up product.

** Source: Self-assessment on 104 women

How can redness be corrected in the long term?

A reference active agent for treatment at the source

Covering redness is not enough: it must also be corrected. That is the aim of Ambophenol, a reference anti-redness active agent introduced as a cosmetic in the Rosaliac range for the first time and one of the ingredients of Rosaliac CC Cream. It acts on three levels:

  • Anti-inflammatory and soothing
  • Microvascular protector
  • Anti-oxidant by protecting skin cells from free radicals.

How can persistent redness be prevented?

A major achievement by our formulators

We know that sun exposure is often responsible for the appearance of redness. Sun exposure is not only the cause of 27%* of skin colour changes due to sensitivity, but also of the permanent appearance of such colour changes in mature skin.
As such, good daily protection is essential. However, adding an SPF 30 filter to a cream without deteriorating its sensory appeal and destabilising its famous playtime ability is a perilous exercise... And yet, this has been achieved with Rosaliac CC Cream!

* Source: L'OREAL Research – IFOP, SensiSurvey, 2012

Practical advice

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Sensitive skin is characterised by high reactivity. As such, it requires a simple routine. That is one of the advantages of Rosaliac CC Cream.
Much more than a foundation, it evens, corrects, moisturises and protects with a single application. Women using the product understand this very well: 1 out of 2* women claim that Rosaliac CC Cream replaces both their foundation and day cream.

* Source: L'OREAL Research – IFOP, SensiSurvey, 2012

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