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Sensitive skin: learning to avoid redness

Img_Sensitive skin: learning to avoid redness

Stress, physical activity, hormonal changes and sun exposure: there are many factors which may cause redness among women with sensitive skin.

These outward signs of sensitive skin alter the evenness of the complexion.
La Roche-Posay has created a solution for these women: ROSALIAC CC Cream, an instant and long-lasting solution to recover a flawlessly even complexion.

Choosing the right skincare product

What is the difference between BB and CC cream?

BB or CC: it is hard to miss these two cosmetic revolutions, which recently arrived on pharmacy shelves. But how are we supposed to make the right choice when we don't know what their names mean? More importantly, how can we distinguish between these two skincare products?
Apart from their two-letter names, these two new-generation cosmetics have one aspect in common: offering multifunctional action with a single application. More particularly, they even out the skin's complexion while taking care of the skin and protecting it against UV rays.

1st reflex: favouring all-in-one cosmetics

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BB or "Blemish Balm" creams were the first to appear on the market. Developed in Germany in the 1950s, they became extremely popular in Asia within a few decades: in a continent where women can apply up to 7 products at the same time, their timesaving properties are invaluable.
CC or "Complete Correction" creams are their successors. Created in Asia, this new-generation skincare product is both more advanced and more specific. As such, CC creams target a particular problem: ROSALIAC CC Cream, for example, is enriched with Ambophenol, an active agent known for its effectiveness in fighting redness. It also provides better coverage, thereby concealing redness.

The importance of a simple routine

Skincare and make-up products: be careful of repeated applications

Moisturiser, special cream, local corrector, sun protection, etc.: in order to meet all your skin's requirements, it may be necessary to layer several cosmetic products.
This is true even before applying make-up, in particular foundation to hide minor skin imperfections. It does not pose a problem for most skin types. For sensitive skin, however, repeated applications increase the risk of signs of skin reactivity.

2nd reflex: limiting the amount of cosmetics used

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Sensitive skin requires special care and does not react well to multiple applications. The solution for avoiding the appearance of additional redness lies in minimising the amount of applications.
This is why a CC cream, such as ROSALIAC CC Cream, is ideal for sensitive skin: it combines several actions in a single product, thereby simplifying the daily routine.

When sun and sensitive skin do not mix well

The appearance and aggravation of redness

Among the environmental factors likely to trigger redness in sensitive skin, the sun comes first: it is linked to 27%* of all cases of redness.
Over one in five cases concern permanent redness caused by years of sun exposure. In order to avoid the onset of new redness, in addition to the aggravation of already visible colour changes, effective protection is essential.

* Source L'Oréal Research – IFOP, Sensisurvey, 2012

3rd reflex: gentle protection

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Remember to choose sun protection suited to the application area and, more particularly, to take skin sensitivity into account.
The face and lower neckline will be protected throughout the day by ROSALIAC CC Cream, for which the formulators of La Roche-Posay Laboratories achieved a major feat: by adding SPF 30, a highly protective filter for a daily skincare product, without affecting its cosmetic properties, the product provides sensitive skin with protection able to prevent the aggravation and reappearance of new signs of redness.

Daily gestures to soothe sensitive skin

Beautiful skin, even when bare

In times of strong emotion, blood vessels dilate. Body temperature rises. And, if you have sensitive skin, it may redden. In the same way, anxiety, stress, annoyance and fatigue not only release certain hormones, but also affect the evenness of your complexion.
For a healthier looking skin which remains impervious to daily stress, camouflage is not enough. A longer-term solution to these signs of sensitivity is necessary.

4th reflex: avoid stimulants

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Certain foods, such as spices, as well as certain beverages, such as tea or coffee, may have a dehydrating effect.
As a result, the skin becomes more fragile. As such, it is also more reactive. Alcohol is at the top of the list of products to be avoided, if not banished. Not only does it dehydrate the skin, but its vasodilator effect can also make redness more visible on the skin surface. As such, it can visibly alter the quality of the skin.

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