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Skin allergies: a growing problem, but one that can be soothed

Img_Skin allergies: a growing problem, but one that can be soothed

A true epidemic, allergies have continued to increase develop in all countries over the past few years. Particularly common in people with fragile skin, they cause irritation or even subcutaneous spots. The intensity of these recurring problems can vary. The appropriate treatment will depend on the identified allergen.


From stinging to burning...

Nearly 50% of the French population claim to have skin allergies or intolerances. These manifest with stinging, irritation, burning sensations and subcutaneous spots. These symptoms cause discomfort, even if they appear to be relatively minor upon examination. They are sometimes diagnosed as mild erythema, skin dryness or fine desquamation.


Overly sensitive skin

Allergies are excessive reactions of the body to certain allergens. Intolerant skin presents a skin barrier that is constitutionally weaker than that of normal skin, and is therefore more exposed. Problems caused by allergies are recurring and vary in intensity. Skin reactions are generally linked to genes and the environment. As a result, several members of one family often have similar skin reactions.


Avoid all contact with allergens

The only way to avoid this problem is to eliminate all contact with the identified irritants. An appropriate treatment will be prescribed depending on the irritant in question. Alongside this treatment, intense soothing skincare can be effective in moisturising and reducing the reactivity of ultra-sensitive and allergic skin.

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