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The cause of dry and sensitive skin: an impaired barrier function

Img_The cause of dry and sensitive skin: an impaired barrier function

When the skin is dry, it is more sensitive to external aggressors. As a result, it is irritated, feels tight, and becomes really uncomfortable. For skin to feel soothed and soft and look visibly more beautiful throughout the year, it is essential to understand the mechanism of dry skin.

The symptoms

A hydrolipidic deficiency

Dry skin is characterized by a lack of water and lipids. As a result, the skin exhibits signs that can have a strong impact on quality of life:

  • rough to the touch,
  • less supple,
  • uncomfortable,
  • feelings of tightness,
  • itching,
  • irritation.

The causes

An impaired barrier function

If the skin suffers from dryness, it is because it has lost its ability to retain water, which evaporates. Surface lipids, produced in smaller quantities, no longer form a homogeneous barrier.

Because the skin barrier no longer performs its function as effectively, it allows external aggressors and irritants (pollution, allergen particles, etc.) to penetrate deeper into the skin. Skin thus becomes more vulnerable and reactive, and is more rapidly and more strongly irritated.

The treatments

Rigorous hydration

You have successfully eliminated the allergens and sources of aggression capable of irritating your skin? Perfect, but don't forget to make use of emollient products to soothe your skin and help it fight dryness more effectively.

Why is hydration essential?
Because it:

  • restores the skin's barrier function;
  • restores skin elasticity;
  • soothes discomfort.

By opting for a product with a light and fluid yet ultra-moisturizing texture, like Lipikar Gel-Fluide, you will be effectively helping your skin in its fight against dryness. And because this product is easy to apply, satin-smooth, sensory, and delivers a deeply refreshing sensation, there is just one thing you will look forward to each morning, and that is to apply it. Which is ideal if you bear in mind that methodical hydration is the key to living a better life on a daily basis.

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