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The eye contour,
One of women's leading
concerns in the
anti-aging combat.

Img_The eye contour,   One of women's leading   concerns in the   anti-aging combat.

When women speak about being concerned by the first signs of aging, the eye contour is mentioned first*. Their source of worry: the wrinkles, lack of sparkle and haggard-looking eyes which are the real markers of cutaneous aging.
To preserve a youthful look retinol is now available for the thin, fragile skin around the eyes.
*Source: IPSOS 2007, Europe, 133 women, 25-55


The eye contour, the first area to show signs of fatigue and the passage of time

Skin around the eyes covers 22 muscles which are in perpetual motion. Each day, around 10,000 blinks enables preserving moisture on the cornea. To make this mobility possible, skin around the eyes is very thin. It is lacking in sebaceous glands and collagen and elastin fibers. This thinness makes it particularly fragile and sensitive to aggressions.

Result: it is the first facial area to be marked by tiredness and the signs of time: shadows, puffiness, fine and deeper wrinkles.

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71% of women* from 25 to 55 have wrinkles around their eyes.

*Source: IPSOS 2007, Europe, 133 women, 25-55

The La Roche-Posay solution

After the face, eyes are the next to benefit from the anti-aging potential of REDERMIC [R]

To combat signs of aging and tiredness, the La Roche-Posay Laboratory has created an innovative formulation which combines an exclusive Retinol Complex with caffeine.

1. The exclusive Retinol Complex: pure retinol + slow-release retinol

The unique gradual release process enables delivery of a large corrective dose of retinol while respecting the skin's tolerance level. Delivering the dose all at once could overwhelm the tolerance level and provoke irritation. The release process allows retinol to spread gradually through the skin, giving it time to adjust to the activator's uncommon power.

Result: Wrinkles are smoothed. The eye contour is toned.

2. Caffeine: the anti-tiredness booster

Known for its stimulating and energizing properties, caffeine is a precious ingredient for anti-fatigue care of the eye contour. It provides a visible tiredness-erasing action on the eye contour.

Result: Shadows are attenuated. The eye contour is evened.

Key Figures


72% of women* complain about their tired look and haggard eyes.

*Source: IPSOS 2007, Europe, 133 women, 25-55


A delicious texture with multiple advantages

The light, fluid, melt-in texture of REDERMIC [R] Eyes gel-cream was specially designed for the exceedingly fragile area around the eyes. It's full of pleasant surprises because, in addition to a delicious feeling of freshness on application, the gel-cream has a toning effect without pulling or drying.

Its special feature? A pointed tip for targeted application reinforces the advanced technical aspect of this concentrate of effectiveness.

For optimum effectiveness:

  • in the morning, when you're in a hurry, lightly pat on REDERMIC [R] Eyes from the inside to the outside of the eye;
  • during the weekend when you have more time, before application, press on the eyebrow arch to encourage drainage of toxins and the spread of activators.

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