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The eye contour:
handle with care!

Img_The eye contour: handle with care!

Do you want to attenuate crow's feet? Erase signs of tiredness? Smooth your eye contour? In other words, do you want a fresh, luminous look?

To attain this goal, just combine a few simple steps with the gentle power of your new anti-wrinkle and anti-aging ally: REDERMIC [R] Eyes

Cleanse thoroughly each evening

The key to obtaining the greatest benefit from care products: perfectly clean skin

Even if you don't wear makeup, it's essential to clean your face thoroughly each evening. In addition to removing makeup, cleansing gets rid of impurities such as dirt or pollution which accumulate on skin throughout the day.
Cleansed and purified, your skin is ready to take full advantage of face care products. Each evening, cleansing is the first step to beauty; it helps you look fresher when you wake up in the morning.

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cleanse without rubbing

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An effective makeup remover and gentle application provide the perfect balance for ridding the eye contour of impurities and makeup without undue aggression.
In addition, rubbing can damage your skin. For gentle cleansing, moisten a cotton pad with makeup remover for sensitive eyes and press it against your eyelid for a few seconds with your eye tightly closed. 
Make light, circular movements in a clockwise direction. Next, make slightly firmer movements from the top of the lid to the tips of the eyelashes. Then do the area under the eye, from the inner to the outer corner.
End by passing a cotton swab moistened with cleanser along the eyelash line. Repeat as often as necessary; the cotton should be absolutely clean at the end of makeup removal.

Apply eye-contour care

Specific care to combat signs of aging and fatigue

The eye area is made up of 22 muscles in perpetual motion. To enable this mobility, skin around the eyes is very thin; in addition, it is poorly protected by a hydrolipid film and contains only a few collagen and elastin fibers.
Because it is often subject to dryness and dehydration, this skin is the first to reveal fatigue and signs of aging.

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apply your care product using your fingertips

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The skin in this area needs advanced activators. To meet anti-aging needs, REDERMIC [R] offers all the anti-wrinkle and anti-aging power and effectiveness of retinol, even for sensitive skins. Just a very small amount is enough.
Put the cream on the bony part of your eye contour and use light patting movements to spread it from the inside to the outside of your eye; use your ring finger to do this because it is your weakest finger and will keep you from pressing down too heavily.

Get rid of puffiness

Cold is your best ally against puffy eyes

Extreme tiredness or a very short night can cause your eyelids to swell.
To combat puffiness and a "sleepless night" look, cold is your best friend. Since it activates circulation, cold reduces eyelid swelling and tones the skin around the eyes.

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keep your care product in the refrigerator

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The REDERMIC [R] gel-cream texture conveys a delicious feeling of freshness upon application and provides a toning result.
For an intense icy effect, keep the care product in your refrigerator. Here’s another tip on how to take advantage of the decongesting properties of cold: moisten two cotton pads with La Roche-Posay thermal water, place them in your freezer until they are thoroughly chilled and then apply them for a few minutes to your eyelids, spraying additional water on regularly to keep them wet.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

To preserve your beauty, take care of the inside, too

A healthy lifestyle determines good skin quality.
For a sparkling eye contour, it's also possible to combat signs of tiredness. If blood and lymph microcirculation are sluggish or drainage is insufficient, eyes look tired.
To combat these problems, remember to eat well and get enough rest at night.

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eat healthily and unwind!

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To improve microcirculation, eat food that is rich in fiber and bioflavonoids, which are vegetable pigments with antioxidant properties; they are found abundantly in foods such as buckwheat, soy, green tea, apples, grapes, blueberries and cornflowers.
Vitamin A is also very important for eyes.  It is found, for example, in tomatoes, peppers, spinach, carrots and apricots.
Finally, one of the main causes of dull eyes is fatigue. Remember to get enough sleep every night. To combat stress, nothing is better than sports for relaxing.

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