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Weakened skin, repeated aggression: targeted actions for helping it to repair itself

Img_Weakened skin, repeated aggression: targeted actions for helping it to repair itself

Daily exposure to external aggressors and irritants weakens the skin on the hands and lips, and this has repercussions. Once weakened, the skin can react more strongly to new forms of aggression or irritation, resulting even in the onset of potentially serious diseases. To help the skin regenerate its protective shield and to help it defend itself more effectively, La Roche-Posay has the solution: CICAPLAST Hands and CICAPLAST Lips, combined with a number of targeted actions.

Manual professions

when moisturizing is no longer enough

Hand skin has few sebaceous glands. It comes regularly under strain, is physiologically very fragile and is constantly exposed to aggression. In the case of certain professions, which can be ruthless on the hands, this weakening may even result in chronic dermatitis.
Health care providers, manual laborers, hairdressers, bakers, etc. are regularly in contact with solvents, detergents and abrasive soaps. Hands that become too vulnerable can prevent professionals from working.
For demanding hands such as these, with special requirements, moisturizing is not enough. A two-tier action is needed, providing both a protective surface barrier and intense repair.

Tip 1

Opt for a skincare product specifically formulated for professionals

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CICAPLAST Hands acts as a healing barrier that soothes, protects and restores the skin barrier of overworked hands damaged by domestic and professional aggressors.
It offers long-term protection lasting up to 2 hours* and has an instant soothing effect from the first application. It sheathes the skin in an "invisible glove" film thanks to its non-greasy, film-forming, non-sticky rapidly absorbed texture resistant to washing and mechanical friction.
Both effective and convenient, CICAPLAST Hands has been tested and approved by the most demanding hands, those of professionals.
*Presence of a film on the skin after 2 hours of activity
Source: Visualization under scanning electron microscope at T=15 min. and T=2 hours on the hands of volunteers.

Choosing the right gloves

Every day, we use our hands to wash, cook, repair and clean the house. Always on duty, they can become extremely damaged, resulting even in chronic dermatitis. The risk of suffering serious consequences is even greater in those exercising manual professions.
In addition to applying your CICAPLAST Hands cream, it is therefore important that you choose the right gloves for your activity: domestic or professional, medical or industrial protection, contact with tools or chemicals, etc. It is also very important that you change your gloves regularly to ensure you always benefit from optimum protection.

Tip 2

Wear gloves at night

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The evening is the perfect time for taking care of your skin, because it enters a regeneration phase during the night. Apply generous amounts of your CICAPLAST Hands cream, but in small doses massaging thoroughly to ensure it's fully absorbed by the skin.

Ultra-dry lips

heal and protect

The lips are constantly overexposed. They also contain very little melanin to protect them from UV rays.  External climatic factors as well as the simple fact of blowing your nose or applying make-up can create painful and unpleasant sensations.
Some treatments, such as acne isotretinoin-type treatment, contain active ingredients that have a drying effect on the skin and can cause severe inflammation.
One such example is cheilitis, which is often observed in subjects taking isotretinoin. Its clinical appearance can range from simple lip desquamation to erosive and fissural inflammation. Lips that have become extremely dry and fragile in this way need a two-tier action, providing both a protective surface barrier and intense long-term repair.

Tip 3

Choose a treatment designed for dry, irritated, chapped lips

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CICAPLAST Lips is a barrier repair balm that soothes, protects and helps recreate the epidermis of the lips and chapped, irritated and cracked areas. Its rich and creamy texture is a pure delight on the skin. It forms a soothing, colorless protective film on the lips that promotes repair and instantly improves comfort and softness.
The lips feel comfortable for up to 12 hours after application*, even when eating and smiling. Its beveled tip, perfectly adapted to the shape of the lips, allows for an ultra-precise application. Its efficacy has been tested on the lips of volunteers taking isotretinoin.
CICAPLAST Lips is also a multi-purpose product, and can be used on the contour of the mouth, nostrils and philtrum, the small groove found between the upper lip and the bottom of the nostrils.
*Self-assessment by 40 subjects - after 4 weeks of use

Beware of climatic factors

Always on the front line, the delicate skin of the lips is the first to suffer from external climatic factors. The wind, the cold and the sun, with extreme temperatures in summer and winter, are a source of irritation and aggression. When skin has already been weakened, the effects of the heat and the cold can make its condition even worse.
In winter, when outside, protect your mouth and nose with a scarf. And when indoors, avoid overheated rooms. In summer, beware of excessive air conditioning. And remember to always apply suitable sun protection against UV rays.

Tip 4

Avoid thermal shocks

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Even more violent than extreme temperatures are extreme variations in temperature. In winter, do not go out without protecting your face in order to avoid sudden hot/cold transitions.
If your face feels cold, do not use very hot water to warm yourself up. Even in summer, always use warm water on the skin.

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