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"You can't stop the hands of time, but you can limit its effects on your appearance"

Img_"You can't stop the hands of time, but you can limit its effects on your appearance"

What if age didn't have to be synonymous with aging? Check out our tips for keeping your skin looking young longer by adopting a few simple skincare and prevention habits.

What is mature skin?

Skin that loses its volume, not only at the surface but also deep down

As time passes, the supporting cells of the upper dermis that maintain the skin become less active, and collagen renewal, for which they are responsible, decreases. As a result, the dermis loses its density and the skin become slack. In parallel, the fundamental substance in which cells bathe diminishes and the epidermis becomes thinner. The skin therefore loses its surface volume, it becomes thinner and more fragile. A targeted solution is needed to fight against this general loss of volume.

Are there any anti-aging actives capable of fighting this general loss of volume?

An exclusive combination of two ultra-talented active ingredients: Pro-Xylane + LR2412

Over the years, the skin becomes slacker. Less dense, it loses its substance and feels less plump. To fundamentally regenerate skin volume, the La Roche-Posay laboratories have developed SUBSTIANE [+] Serum, which combines for the first time Pro-Xylane, to restore skin density, and LR2412, a revolutionary anti-aging molecule used in its active dosage to take over from the action of Pro-Xylane and act all the way through to the surface.

The result: skin is denser, fuller to the touch. Day after day, its support mechanism is strengthened. It remains plump, luminous, and comfortable.

Practical advice

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The serum is a key ally in your beauty routine. Ultra-concentrated in active ingredients, it penetrates instantly to the heart of the epidermis. SUBSTIANE [+] Serum is to be applied to perfectly clean skin before your usual skincare cream. Its formula is surprisingly comfortable for a serum. Its sheathing texture is rich, creamy, and luscious. It promises a sensory and enjoyable massage experience.

What is so different about a serum?

An ultra-concentrated skincare product offering a comprehensive action

Serums are ultra-concentrated in actives that penetrate instantly to the heart of the skin to solve a particular problem. They are applied before your usual skincare cream, to skin that has been gently cleansed. Because they are ultra-concentrated, a small dab of product is all that is needed. They can be applied morning and evening, but if you only want to use a serum once a day it is best to apply it in the evening, as skin cell regeneration is optimal while we sleep.

Serum or cream, which should I choose?

Two complementary treatments for optimum results

The SUBSTIANE [+] Serum and Cream are two powerful and complementary allies for helping your skin fight the passage of time. Take a dab of serum between your fingers (one is enough because the SUBSTIANE [+] Serum is ultra-concentrated) and apply in a light massage after thoroughly cleansing your skin. It penetrates instantly. All that remains to be done is for you to apply your usual skincare cream.

Practical advice

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In addition to your serum, remember to tailor your beauty routine to each season. In the winter, opt for SUBSTIANE [+] Cream applied morning and evening, or SUBSTIANE [+] Extra-Riche if you need more comfort. When the sun returns, switch for SUBSTIANE [+] UV in the day to protect your skin from UV-related damage, and continue applying the SUBSTIANE [+] Cream in the evening. All year round, morning and evening, remember to take care of your eye contour area with SUBSTIANE [+] Eyes.

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