"After years of allergies, I can finally get back in the sun!"

Img_"After years of allergies, I can finally get back in the sun!"

From the age of 18, Mathilde has suffered from chronic summer light eruption. It was so severe that after a few unpleasant holidays in the sun, she decided to give it up. That was until she was advised to try dermatological sun protection creams that filtered UVA and UVB rays.


Mathilde, what were the circumstances surrounding your light eruption?

I had always spent my holidays at my parents' house at the seaside. One summer, when I was 18, I got small bumps on my neckline, forearms and shoulders accompanied by unpleasant itchiness. I thought I was having a one-off reaction to the sun. So I waited for the spots to go away and I continued to enjoy the sun for the rest of the summer.


Did the symptoms go away over time?

Not really...they got worse! Because I love the sun, I always tend to take advantage of the faintest ray of sunlight as soon as the weather is fair. Each time I was in the sun, the reaction came more swiftly and was more severe with even more spots and itching! I ended up telling myself that my skin could no longer handle the sun and I might have to stay out of it for good.

The solution

Did you not find a solution?

In fact, I went to an online discussion group. Another Internet user told me she had the same problem as me: apparently it was called summer light eruption. She told me to go see a dermatologist. So I made an appointment and he prescribed an appropriate SPF 50 sunscreen from a pharmacy. Now everything has been great for two years! (Even if I don't bake in the sun all day long!!!) In any event, after years of allergies, I can finally get back in the sun!

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