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Lips, a fragile area in need for nutrition

Img_Lips, a fragile area in need for nutrition

Fragile and precious to a woman's beauty, lips must be given many forms of attention. They are regularly subject to dryness. Choosing the right products is crucial, or else you risk tp quickly see your lips suffer. The goal: nutrition and gentleness.


Particularities of damaged lips

Dry lips are characterised by three symptoms: a feeling of tightness, increased thinness and cracks. In physiological terms, this fragility translates into a ceramide deficiency which further weakens the skin barrier. Small, dry flakes of skin may appear, making lips sensitive and uncomfortable. Sometimes there are also cracks. When poorly treated, these lesions can cause deep cracks which are painful and slow to scar over.


An area under constant stress

On a daily basis, external stress (cold, wind, sun, etc.) make lips vulnerable. This phenomenon can also occur after certain intensive medical treatments. Lips are, in effect, deprived of their hydrolipidic film, which means they are less protected: they do not have a corneal layer or sebaceous glands or melanin supply, which naturally protect the skin.


Rebuilding the skin barrier

Thus you must give lips gentleness and protection. Rather than eliminating the dead skin or wetting your lips with saliva, it is preferable to hydrate with an appropriate balm. The skin barrier will then be strengthened. You must also pay careful attention to the lower lip which is morphologically more exposed to UV rays. As for lipstick and lip gloss, your choices should focus on formulas that avoid preservatives and certain allergy-inducing pigments.

Don’t hesitate to ask your dermatologist for more details.

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