"When it comes to make-up, I no longer hold back"

Img_"When it comes to make-up, I no longer hold back"

When lips are dry, they feel tight and no longer tolerate much... But does that mean that lipstick gets pushed to the back of the drawer? Capucine does not compromise on her make-up. Discover how she gets both comfort and beauty.


Capucine, have you always worn lipstick?

Obviously, lipstick is more feminine… In the beginning, I was not a fan--I preferred lip gloss. Then one day, out of curiosity, I tried a real colour--the real colour: red. It won me over. Then winter came with its assortment of seasonal ills: dry, cracked lips... And that was the end of radiant colour! Nothing helped--the results were always lacklustre. If I applied a moisturizing balm before my lipstick, all the colour bled after 20 minutes.


Is that why you chose lipstick for sensitive skin?

In fact, it was completely by accident, in a drugstore, that I discovered there was such a thing as products for sensitive lips. I was even more surprised to discover the colours themselves. Naturally there were beiges and pinks, but more importantly these new colours full of character, including a real, Marilyn-style red.

The solution

So now you no longer have trouble wearing them?

No, because the texture is extremely comfortable to apply; it's creamy and slides on while covering the imperfections and bits of skin on my lips.  So now my lips are well moisturised and no longer feel tight. In that sense, it's almost as if I were wearing a protective balm, but with colour. Now, I have to confess that after a few months I've fallen for about 10 different colours... And I don't have to hold back!

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