“We got rid of my daughter’s inflammatory acne”

Img_“We got rid of my daughter’s inflammatory acne”

Laura suffered from acne for several months. But with the support of her dermatologist she has been able to deal with it and now has clear skin again. Find out how, thanks to the explanations of her mother, Chantal.


Chantal, when did your daughter’s acne first appear?

My daughter Laura started having a little acne at around the age of 14. Right in the middle of  her adolescence!


How did her acne manifest itself?

To begin with, she only had a few spots and slight imperfections on her face, but quite quickly the problem became much more widespread. Blackheads and red spots broke out on her back and chest. During the summer holidays, the spots disappeared. She was overjoyed! Unfortunately, a few weeks after she returned to school, the problem returned.

The solution

So what did you decide to do?

To find a solution to her acne, we made an appointment with a dermatologist. He explained that the sun was in fact a false friend to acne. Laura therefore gave up drying out her spots in the sun. The dermatologist also taught Laura how to take daily care of her skin. With cleansers, a special cream for oily skin and non-comedogenic make-up, this consultation enabled her to start afresh. He also prescribed a treatment for her to apply to the affected areas. Thanks to all these measures, my daughter’s acne very visibly reduced month after month. A year on, it had completely disappeared. We have finally got rid of her inflammatory acne! Laura has regained the confidence that acne had taken away from her. It’s so nice to see her smiling again and enjoying doing herself up every morning!

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