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The formation of acne lesions

Img_The formation of acne lesions

Acne manifests itself through the formation of retentional lesions called comedones, and inflammatory lesions, in other words, spots. In adolescent acne, these 2 types of lesions normally occur together.

From keratinisation disorders…

An overproduction of corneal cells at the opening of the sebaceous canal (pore) causes it to become blocked and a comedone to form. The sebum is no longer able to flow out as it would normally. It therefore becomes a nutritional source encouraging the growth of certain bacteria (P.acnes).Moreover, this oxygen-deprived environment favours their proliferation.

… to bacterial colonisation

Inflammation then develops through the production of pro-inflammatory cellular mediators. This inflammation is increased by the oxidation of sebum lipids. Spots develop (papules, pustules), and in the more severe cases, turn into nodules and nodular cysts.

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