“My daily routine for my skin which doesn’t tolerate anything”

Img_“My daily routine for my skin which doesn’t tolerate anything”

Some time ago, Laura’s sensitive skin became completely intolerant. But after trying several inappropriate skin care products, she has finally found the solution. This is her testimonial.


Laura, how long have you had intolerant skin?

I’ve always had sensitive skin, but a few months ago it started not tolerating anything and I didn't understand why... It was most annoying!


More specifically, what was your skin like?

It was hyper-sensitive and easily irritated. So to try to soothe it I bought a moisturising cream… But each time I tried a new one it was the same story: I developed little red patches on my skin. I didn’t know what else to do get rid of it.  As time went on, my skin also became less and less tolerant of these products and the problem seemed to get worse.

The solution

So what did you decide to do?

I went to see a dermatologist. He explained that I simply had a skin type that tends to be intolerant. On his advice, I reviewed my daily care routine for my skin which doesn’t tolerate anything. Now, I use products specifically formulated for intolerant skin. For example, I opted for a specific make-up remover followed by a fragrance-free and preservative-free soothing protective treatment. Using good products has changed everything! My skin is still sensitive, but now I know how to nourish and take care of it effectively.”

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