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Chronically irritated skin: constitutional fragility

Img_Chronically irritated skin: constitutional fragility

Chapping, dry patches, flakiness and tightness: when the skin is fragile, skin irritations can become a recurring problem. People suffering from these chronic lesions can develop a complex about their appearance and experience discomfort. Curing requires specific treatment.


Chapping, irritation, dry patches: when these problems persist

The problems of chronically irritated skin affect around 20% of the population. The lesions observed can be:

  • chapping. The areas affected are generally those exposed to the cold like the lips and hands or areas subject to rubbing.

  • dry patches. These take the form of dry rough areas of skin located on the cheeks, around the mouth and on the arms, especially in children.

  • perleches, lesions that appear at the corners of the lips.


The cause of the problem: constitutional fragility of the skin

When the skin’s irritation is a recurring problem, it may be linked to  constitutional fragility. The skin is then naturally more sensitive to outside attacks and repeated rubbing. The wind and cold for example can aggravate the irritation.


Good daily habits

To promote good healing, nothing should be left to chance. Lesions can be soothed and encouraged to repair more quickly by following a few daily steps. To do this:

  • first of all clean the irritated or damaged areas with thermal spring water
  • if necessary use protective gauze

  • 2 to 3 times a day, use a treatment formulated to protect the skin and speed up its repair

  • once the wound has healed up, think about using sunscreens to reduce the risk of developing pigmentation disorders.
  • use suitable make-up when the wound is repaired.

If the symptoms persist, consult your dermatologist.

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