“I use a restoring treatment all year round… And it works for me!! "

Img_“I use a restoring treatment all year round… And it works for me!! "

For several years, Camille had recurring dry patches on her face and hands. But thanks to the daily application of a specific reparative treatment, she has finally said goodbye to this problem. Here is her testimonial.


Camile, how long have you had irritated skin?

I think my skin has always tended to have minor irritations, especially on my face. 4 years ago, I also started to suffer from dry patches on my cheeks. To begin with, I wasn't too concerned about it. I simply tried to treat the problem with a moisturiser, but without success.


How has this problem evolved over time?

In the winter, with the cold and wind, the problem got worse. Very quickly, these dry patches became really troublesome every day. They even started causing unpleasant itching. What’s more, I had trouble concealing them with my regular products. These little patches on my face weren't very attractive... So I decided to consult a dermatologist.

The solution

What did he offer you?

He advised me to use a product suited to my skin type and prescribed a cream specifically designed to speed up the skin’s reconstruction and help get rid of the dry patches. I followed his advice and used this product twice a day on my face on all the irritated areas. The result was instantaneous: my skin's suppleness was very quickly restored. It was such a relief! Today, I continue to use this reparative treatment all year round. And it works for me! As soon as my skin becomes irritated, I use it straight away.  The result is clearly visible. This product has even become a must-have in my beauty bag!

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