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Cellular oxidation, a major process of skin ageing

Img_Cellular oxidation, a major process of skin ageing

A major process of skin ageing, oxidative stress damages both the skin’s epidermal and dermal cells and contributes to their degeneration.

Oxidative stress weakens the cells

Our environment, pollution, solar radiation and cigarette smoke generate free radicals in the skin which can be destructive with varying degrees of severity. Proteins (collagen, elastane), cellular membrane lipids and DNA can be damaged causing disorders that can range from premature ageing to cancer. We therefore need to protect ourselves against them.

Avoiding oxidative stress, a cause of ageing

The application of antioxidant and/or antiradical products on the skin may be recommended. These antioxidants and antiradicals are either molecular (e.g. vitamin C, vitamin E, polyphenols, etc.) or enzymatic (SOD, GPx.SH, Catalase, etc.) or in the form of trace elements (selenium, copper, zinc, etc.). Solar radiation – particularly UVAs – received daily play a major role in the ageing process, particularly in the production of free radicalsDaily treatments integrating a sunscreen are therefore strongly recommended.

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