“Those unattractive red marks are now a thing of the past!”

Img_“Those unattractive red marks are now a thing of the past!”

With the first signs of ageing and changes in temperature, Emilie’s face skin suffered from unsightly diffuse redness and visible vessels. After visiting her dermatologist and by using specific products, her skin’s freshness has been restored. This is her testimony.


Emilie, have you always had sensitive skin?

My skin has always been naturally thin and quite sensitive, but with no specific problems. A moisturising day cream was all I needed to take care of it. But a few months ago, I noticed some changes and my skin has become much more sensitive than before…


Specifically, how did this sensitivity manifest itself?

I particularly noticed the appearance of redness on my face, mainly on my cheekbones. I even had visible vessels around the sides of my nose. I also noticed that the sun or changes in temperature in general made this redness worse… Not to mention stress or getting emotional which tend to give me hot flushes! In short, my skin seemed to be more and more sensitive and getting worse as time went on: even with a lot of foundation, I couldn’t cover up my redness.

The solution

So what did you decide to do?

Following my mother’s advice I went to see a dermatologist. He explained that I had particularly sensitive skin that tends to suffer from erythrorosacea. To care for my skin, he therefore prescribed a green-coloured anti-redness cream, which is ideal for camouflaging redness. He also advised me to swap my normal soap for a gentle cleansing milk.
My skin's freshness has been completely restored and those unattractive red marks are now a thing of the past...

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