“I’ve learned how to take daily care of my dry skin”

Img_“I’ve learned how to take daily care of my dry skin”

Tightness, roughness, fragility and feelings of discomfort: Carla has always had dry skin on her face. To nourish her skin and relieve the irritation, she started using highly nutritive targeted treatments. Thanks to these daily steps she finally has velvety skin…


Carla, how long have you had dry skin?

I already had dry skin as a child. I remember very clearly family holidays in the mountains. I always had chapped lips and rosy cheeks. When I was small it didn't really bother me, but when I got older, this dry skin became really embarrassing.


What were the specific symptoms?

My skin constantly felt tight and at the slightest hint of cold it would crack. I even had little patches of dry skin that would form here and there on my face. Not very attractive... And the result was even worse after I’d put my make-up on, my skin was guaranteed to feel as stiff as cardboard. Basically, I didn’t know what to do about it and the creams I bought from shops didn’t really help.

The solution

So what did you decide to do?

About 3 months ago, I talked to my pharmacist about it and she offered me a special treatment for dry skin. It comprised nutritive products to protect my skin while smoothing it. And it works... That tight feeling has gone, my skin’s softness has returned! She also advised me to use a specific lip treatment, and this has put an end to my chapped lips. I even went skiing again two weeks ago and didn’t suffer from any chapping at all. Thanks to the help of my pharmacist I’ve really learned how to take care of my dry skin day-to-day. One thing is for sure: I’ll always keep my nutritive products close to hand. And for a long time!

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