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To treat dry skin, daily moisturisation needs to be increased

Img_To treat dry skin, daily moisturisation needs to be increased

The skin’s corneal layer, the uppermost part, becomes dry by losing part of its water. The corneal cells detach from one other more easily, causing fine desquamation on the surface. A number of factors contribute to this facial dryness. How can it be cured? Advice from a dermatologist.

What is distinctive about the face?

The face is rich in sebaceous glands and is normally more protected by sebum.

However, the skin surrounding it, when not covered by clothes, is sensitive to all outside attacks: cold, heat, wind, sun, pollution, cigarette smoke. The skin is sometimes subjected to cleansing products that contain too much detergent, drying treatments (anti-ageing cream, acne cream) and, in men, shaving.

Specifically, how does dry skin manifest itself ?

The patients experience a feeling of discomfort.

The facial skin feels tight with an unpleasant prickling sensation. If this dryness is not corrected, the skin can become inflamed with areas of desquamation (dry eczema). They often tell me they have problems with their make-up. The day cream they apply is not suitable and brings them no relief. Men dread shaving in the morning.

What do you offer them?

I first of all explain that they need to use very mild cleansers.

I think micellar water is perfect for this situation. Daily moisturisation should be increased. I recommend using an oil phase moisturising cream, and after removing make-up, a night cream that contains moisturising ingredients. They will strengthen the cohesion of the cells of the corneal layer. For men, I try to convince them to stop using lotions after shaving and to use a moisturising cream instead.

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