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Dry body skin: restore moisture to eliminate prickling and tight, pulling sensations

Img_Dry body skin: restore moisture to eliminate prickling and tight, pulling sensations

In order to restructure the cutaneous barrier in dry skin, it is essential to effectively replenish moisture. Here are some recommendations that should be followed daily for silky soft and smooth skin.


Sensations of discomfort

Dry or even very dry skin is fragile and easily irritable, by nature. Dry skin causes feelings of discomfort, such as prickling and tight, pulling sensations. Dry skin on the body also shows cracks and lines in different areas, with a tendency to flake. Moreover, wrinkles become much more visible.  Please note: there is not one but many types of dry skin. There is genetically dry skin, dry skin in atopic individuals, dry skin during the winter, acute dry skin caused by unsuitable cleansing products, etc...


A modification in the skin barrier

Dry skin is due to a modification in the skin barrier. It may be of genetic origin or caused by a wide variety of factors, in particular, climatic factors. How exactly does the skin barrier become modified?  Fewer and fewer lipids are produced on the skin’s surface.  Consequently, the skin barrier becomes increasingly uneven. The epidermal cells lose their capacity to retain water, which then evaporates. The skin then becomes dry and feels uncomfortable, with tight, pulling sensations. It becomes chapped and cracked, which allows external irritants that cause itchiness to more easily penetrate the skin.  Different factors that can cause the skin to become increasingly dry and irritated: 

  • Very cold temperatures
  • A hot and dry climate
  • Sunshine
  • Powerful emotions
  • Harsh products
  • Astringent soap
  • Fragrances


Cream for dry skin should be applied daily

Moisturising creams for the body are essential for combating dry skin. They help restore the hydrolipidic film and thus leave the skin beautifully smooth and silky soft. These creams should be applied daily, particularly after a shower. Creams for dry hands should be used several times a day, especially during the winter months. To preserve your skin’s level of moisture, we recommend that you:

  • use gentle products that are not harsh on the skin (soap-free gels or lipid-rich liquid soaps)
  • take showers or lukewarm baths
  • gently pat rather than rub yourself dry
  • drink a sufficient amount of liquids
  • maintain a healthy level of humidity in your house
  • Keep the temperature in your bedroom at 19°C or less
For more information, please contact your dermatologist.

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