“Comfortable skin makes daily life much more comfortable!”

Img_“Comfortable skin makes daily life much more comfortable!”

When she was young, Alexandra had dry skin. She still does. She suffers from uncomfortable prickling and tight, pulling sensations combined with itchiness. Her skin condition worsens during both the winter and summer months. Luckily, moisturising creams effectively restore comfort to her skin!


Have you always had dry skin?

Yes, when I was young, I constantly had dry skin, which felt extremely tight and uncomfortable. It was even worse in the summertime. With my family, we used to spend several weeks at the seaside in my grandmother’s house.  The sun and salt water made my skin completely dry! It literally soaked up the sun cream and after-sun care lotion. It’s still the same today!


Your skin feels tight and itchy... How exactly would you describe what you feel?

It feels like my skin is tightly pulled over my entire body. It feels tight and prickly.  My skin begins to itch after several days without applying a moisturizing cream. It feels extremely uncomfortable, particularly on my legs and forearms. And, I can’t even begin to describe how my hands feel during the winter! They become so dry that they look completely wrinkled.

The solution

Do moisturising creams help soothe your skin?

Yes! They are essential!  I have to apply cream to my legs after showering every day! When I get up late in the morning or don’t have the time to apply my cream, I immediately feel an itchiness and tight, pulling sensations in my skin. Especially in the winter, when the cold air tends to pass right through my trousers! For me, comfortable skin is synonymous with a comfortable life. So, I always smother my skin in moisturising cream!

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