“I take care of my sensitive skin. It deserves it!"

Img_“I take care of my sensitive skin. It deserves it!"

Julie has always had sensitive skin. To soothe her skin and reduce its sensitivity she decided to consult a dermatologist. Thanks to his advice, her skin's comfort and suppleness are restored day after day. This is her testimonial.


Julie, how long have you had sensitive skin?

I think I have always had this problem. When I was a teenager, I clearly remember the first skin creams I used: my skin went red and felt tight… Basically, it wouldn’t tolerate anything!


Have you noticed any changes over time?

Over time the problem hasn’t got any better. Quite the contrary! I’ve even started experiencing itchiness on my face. In winter, my skin was also more sensitive because of the cold, and tingled when I applied my moisturiser.  It was very unpleasant and I didn’t really know what to do, because, despite my numerous attempts, I couldn’t find a suitable product to soothe my skin. That’s why I decided to consult a dermatologist last year.

The solution

What did he offer you?

After asking many questions and examining my skin, we worked out where my sensitivity was coming from: outside attacks and stress. To protect my skin, he prescribed a cream for sensitive skin containing thermal spring water which moisturises the skin while soothing it. As for my make-up, I also swapped my normal foundation for a tinted cream specially formulated for sensitive skin. The redness, heat discomfort and tightness have all gone. Now I finally know how to take care of my sensitive skin. And it deserves it!

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