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Herpes treatment should begin with the first symptoms

Img_Herpes treatment should begin with the first symptoms

Encouraged by sun exposure, herpes most often appears around the mouth or nose. It must be treated as soon as the first signs appear and a few simple habits should be adopted. A dermatologist’s advice on the subject.

What are the characteristics of sun-induced herpes?

A herpes outbreak can occur under various circumstances:

fever, fatigue, menstruation or stress. Sun is a contributing factor. My patients often report a significant herpes outbreak around the mouth or nose that occurs as soon as they begin winter sports or at the beginning of summer. This spoils their holiday because of the visibility of the outbreak and the burning they experience.

How do you treat herpes?

There are medicines that can block reproduction of the virus.

The treatment must begin as soon as the first symptoms appear. Our patients are very familiar with the slight burning sensation that heralds an oncoming outbreak. They must also refrain from scratching the scabs: this can cause cross-infection by germs (impetigo) or promote the spread of the virus. Affected patients must avoid direct contact (kissing) with friends and family and any irritating local product, which aggravates the sores.

In your opinion, can outbreaks of sun-induced herpes be prevented?

The triggering factor is clearly identified:

reproduction of a virus already present in the body is stimulated by the effects of the sun's UV rays. Hence photoprotection is essential. It can allow patients to avoid an outbreak. I prescribe high-protection sticks for the lips to be applied every two hours. The rest of the face is protected with high protection sun care products with a broad spectrum for UVB and UVA rays.

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