"I’ve managed to attenuate the patches!"

Img_"I’ve managed to attenuate the patches!"

A year ago, Pierre suffered from severe sebaceous scaly patches on the face and scalp. But by using a specialised treatment, he managed to address the problem and his skin cleared up. Here is his testimony.


Pierre, how did your sebaceous scaly patches first appear?

The red patches appeared last year. At first, it only affected part of my face but it quickly spread to the edge of my  scalp and then dandruff began to appear. It was a real ordeal.


What were the specific symptoms?

I had small red patches along the edge of my hair, on my chin and also at the edges of my nose and on my forehead. It was really unattractive. The skin even peeled away and became itchy in some areas. It was frankly hard to live with and my morale suffered. Last summer, the problem improved slightly but it returned with a vengeance in the autumn. I also noticed that my skin got worse when I was stressed, which is not  uncommon in my job! I decided to see a dermatologist.

The solution

What did your dermatologist suggest?

That's where I first heard the name sebhorreic dermatitis. At first, I didn't really know what it was. To get rid of it, he suggested that I first use a gentle cleanser for the face and a shampoo specifically designed for my problem. He also prescribed antifungal cream to apply locally to the problem patches and dermo-cosmetic cream to apply every day over the whole face. The result was instantaneous: I quickly noticed a clear improvement. After a few weeks, the problem patches were smaller and the outbreaks were not as severe as before. I have continued to use this special sebhorreic dermatitis treatment to maintain the good results. I’m relieved: I’ve managed to attenuate the problem patches!

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